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Baby Flapjacks

Why spend a fortune on processed baby cereal bars or give your child flapjacks loaded with sugar when you can make these with only 2 ingredients. This is the most popular recipe on my Facebook group and I am constantly being asked about them.

1 pot of fruit puree (I use Organix, Cow & Gate, Hipp etc – Life is too short to make my own puree!)
6 tbsp uncooked porridge oats

Mix all the ingredients together and put onto a non stick baking sheet (or greased tin/foil etc). Flatten to about 1cm thick and bake in oven on 190 degrees C for 15-20mins. Once cool cut into baby size pieces.

You can add raisins, dried fruit, nuts or replace fruit puree with well mashed banana. I also put into mini muffin tins which works really well.


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18 thoughts on “Baby Flapjacks

  1. Made a batch of these today with some cubes of fruit puree I had in the freezer – my 17 month old loved them! So easy to make – will definitely be making them again! Thank you!

  2. Hi Lucy – thanks so much for the feedback. I’m so pleased they were a hit. I make them every few days and my 16m old just adores them too. Thanks Francesca

    • Hi Catherine – in a tupperware box or freezer bag they last a couple days but you can also freeze them Thanks

    • Hi Fran, Yes they can be frozen. Not that they tend to last long in my house to even get to the freezer! Thanks

  3. Hi, I am going to make these as muffins. Do you know how many the recipe will make and how long they will take to bake? Thanks

  4. I made these earlier but not sure they came out right. Are they meant to be quite chewy? Maybe I should’ve cooked them longer, but didn’t want them to be too crispy as my baby only has 2 teeth! Also do you know if ready brek could be used?

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