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About MyMiniMeals

My name’s Francesca and I’m a stay at home mum of two – my eldest “The Boy” and the youngest one “Little Lady” . Having weaned The Boy using well known weaning books I ended up with a very picky eater. I was determined that Little Lady would be more adventurous so I started creating my own recipes and discovered a passion for making delicious and healthy meals.

I have no patience for any recipe that takes longer than an hour start to finish and get bored if I see a long list of ingredients. So nothing I make takes more than 60 minutes from start to finish (and the majority take far less time) and they have only a handful of ingredients. I create things myself or I find recipes online or in books and adapt them to suit my criteria – easy, quick, tasty and with as few ingredients as possible.

I recently created a Facebook group for parents to share their ideas of how to feed their small people and the response has been phenomenal with nearly 1,500 members in only 8 weeks.

My interest in feeding my small people has extended to not only recipes but looking at products, books and pretty much anything that relates to them eating so I decided to start this website to note down all my thoughts and ideas so I hope it is helpful and interesting to you!

This page is very much a work in progress and I will be adding recipes and ideas regularly. Also watch this space for some exciting developments that I am currently working on!



I really want you to enjoy my site as much as possible.

Please remember though that all of the articles and ideas posted on this site are my own opinion or the opinion of the original author and are not intended as professional advice (whether that’s health, dietary, medical, lifestyle, legal or any other type of advice). Any recipe, idea, product or piece of equipment that I write about is based on my own use and shouldn’t be taken as an assumption or recommendation that the recipe or item will be suitable for you.

Any comments added to any of the articles are the opinions of the users of this site themselves and are not my own.

Please let me know (use the contact page here) if you find anything offensive or misleading on my site and I will endeavour to review it as soon as possible.

Please exercise your own discretion and judgement for anything you read here.

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