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What to buy (and what to NOT buy) when they are eating

When you are expecting a baby you consult a thousand books, websites, relatives, friends and forums to find out what you HAVE to buy for your new arrival. My husband and I were no different and spent a small fortune on our first child, The Boy. At every stage of his development we excitedly toured Mothercare and bought the latest contraption, gadget and currently trendy piece of equipment to ensure our little prince wanted for nothing. Along the way we slowly realised what items were invaluable and quite frankly what items were a waste of money! The same happened when we started weaning him and excitedly I bought every weaning book on the market and every kind of gadget to help nourish my precious firstborn. We slowly realised what was useful to have and what would spend the rest of its life chilling in the loft with the suitcases and fan heater.

I will add more product reviews as and when I come across things I love but if you have any suggestions of things you would like me to look at please let me know!


Munchkin Baby Snack Catcher

Little Lady (being a 2nd child) is frequently in her buggy and gets very antsy if she is not entertained and fed at regular intervals. This gets annoying as a) I can’t be bothered to keep handing her snacks every 2 minutes and b) I can’t give her things in bags or pots as she has a tendency to empty the contents onto the ground and then scream at me to pick them up from the gutter where they are being picked at by hungry pigeons. So bags and pots are a no no for snacks on the move!

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Babytec Compact Travel Steam Steriliser

Going away for the first time with a baby is very daunting. You have no idea what to take and being away from your familiar home environment and routine is enough to make the thought of a holiday truly terrifying. If you have a bottle fed baby you have the added concern of how to clean and sterilise their bottles as its not that practical to lug your steriliser from your home with you!

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