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A peek inside the MMM freezer

A few months ago I showed you all what I have in my freezer for my kids – What’s in the MMM freezer?. This was in response to people asking me ALOT what I cook for my kids and how I have time to make all the food I do. I am still getting asked this regularly and my response is still the same – I batch cook ALOT!! I always make big portions of everything then freeze it in portions. This ensures I generally have something easily available to feed my kids and means I don’t have to spend every day chained to the kitchen.

I thought I would let you inside my freezer again today as I have been cooking a lot the last few days as I want to be prepared for the summer school holidays. I hope you find it interesting to see what I have and I would love to see what you have in yours! Continue reading


Kitchen Cheats in your Freezer

Since I started this site people assume I am a domestic goddess and spend all my time in the kitchen. The truth is very different and I have never hidden the fact I am a very lazy cook and will avail myself of anything that helps me make food quicker and easier. I do give my kids processed food and I truly believe as long as my kids are eating a balanced diet of fresh fruit, veg, meat etc they can also have ready made stuff too. It makes me more relaxed and I get to spend more time with them if I am not chained to a cooker. Today I thought I would share with you my favourite frozen kitchen “cheats”. These makes my life in the kitchen easier and quicker and in my eyes that’s a huge bonus! Continue reading


Lovely Lunchbox Ideas

I am a member of lots of recipe and kids food boards on Facebook and get a lot of inspiration for new ideas from them. One of my favourite boards is “Lunchbox Ideas for Kids”. It is primarily an Australian group and the many thousands of members share their children’s lunchboxes as in Australia most children take a packed lunch to school. The Boy has school lunches but I pack both kids a “dinner box” once a week as they eat dinner in the car on the way to a class for him and he also has a packed lunch for holiday camp. I honestly can’t tell you how excited they are every week to see what I have packed in their (fabulous) lunch boxes. Here are a a few “dinner boxes” that I have made for them and I hope it gives some of you ideas of what to pack for your kids lunch boxes for school or holiday camps.  Continue reading


Meals for My Minis

I frequently get people asking me what my kids eat on a daily basis so in the past I have posted a few “7 Days of Lunches” posts which have been really popular. (7 Days of Lunches Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4).

Here are a few photos and recipes of what my kids have been eating so far in January. I hope it gives you some ideas about what to feed yours. As usual everything I have given them is really quick and easy to make and (usually!) gets wolfed down. Continue reading


Off The Shelf Favourites

It’s no secret that I don’t always cook things from scratch for my kids. I frequently use off-the-shelf, shop made stuff as frankly I don’t have the time or energy some days to make them fully homemade meals. I was doing my online grocery shop the other day and realised I tend to always buy the same things for my kids. I thought it would be useful to show you what my favourite Off The Shelf foods are. Where possible I do try to get sugar or salt free items or as low sugar/salt as possible (but sometimes honestly you just can’t get such options) so I hope these are helpful. Continue reading


Leftover ideas

I hate wasting food and recently I have become really careful to try to use up any leftovers and food near it’s use by date. I have actually managed to save lots of money doing this and hardly throw out any food now. Here are a few recipes and ideas to help you stop wasting food and use u pall that yummy stuff lingering in your fridge! Continue reading


7 days of Breakfasts

I got such an overwhelmingly positive response to my 7 Days of Lunches post that I thought I would show you what Little Lady has for breakfast over a week too. It’s not as varied as her lunches admittedly but I do try to give her different things as much as I can. I always try to give her a carb and some fruit and if I can get some dairy into her breakfast then that’s a bonus too. I hope these 7 Days of Breakfasts inspire you!  Continue reading