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Little Lady Makes…….(Very) Chocolatey Yummy Chewy Biscuits

Little Lady and I have been doing more baking this week and I thought I would again share some photos of our fun together. We decided to make my delicious “Yummy Chewy Biscuits” but we thought we would add in some cocoa powder to make them chocolatey. We had so much fun making these and, as you can see from the photos, baking with a nearly 3 year old requires lots of patience and lots of cleaning products after!

2 Weetabix

100 ml milk

1 well mashed banana

Handful of raisins

2 tsp cocoa powder


Crumble Weetabix and mash the banana.

img_9129    img_9130    img_9133

Add the milk and mix well. The consistency will be of squidgy cement.


Add the cocoa powder.

TOP TIP – don’t trust a nearly 3 year old with measuring out the cocoa powder as they will ultimately tip out half the box and the adult will need to spoon most of it out resulting in the nearly 3 year old having a huge tantrum about this.


Mix together well.


Put spoonfuls onto a non-stick baking sheet (or VERY well greased foil / baking paper) and flatten with a spoon.

img_9143    img_9146

OPTIONAL – Let nearly 3 year old eat any remaining mixture which is left in bowl and on spoon but not what was spilled on work surface, floor, dishwasher, Mummy’s top, chair and sink.


Cook at 190 degrees C for 25/30 mins turning halfway until outside is dark brown and looks crispy.


Leave to cool then enjoy!

I store them in a Tupperware container or a freezer bag. They last a few days but are so yummy that they probably will be eaten within a few hours!



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