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My top 10 with 10

One of my main aims for MyMiniMeals is to use as minimal set of ingredients as possible. Here are 10 of my favourite recipes starting with one with 1 ingredient then one with 2 ingredients and so on…….culminating in one with 10 ingredients. I hope you enjoy them and it goes to show that you really don’t need a long list of ingredients to make really delicious and nutritious meals.

1 ingredient Banana ice cream

Honestly this idea is so simple it shouldn’t work but it does! Perfect for dairy free children and so yummy.

2 ingredient Baby Flapjacks

This was one of my original recipes and I still make them every few days. I do add things here and there but  the original recipe is only 2 ingredients.

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Biscones

This recipe started off as a mistake but has become my most viewed recipe ever. The Boy thinks they are cheese scones and who am I to correct him as he wolfs them down!

4 ingredient Banana And Raisin Pancakes

These are a staple breakfast item in my house as they take a few minutes to cook and really are delicious. (I have substituted the raisins for chocolate chips before and they are even more yummy!).

5 Ingredient Cauliflower Cheese Biscuits

This was one of my most exciting discoveries. I made them out of desperation to get The Boy to eat some veg and I got such positive feedback from people. I love it when I make up something that others really love to eat!

6 Ingredient Carrot and Apple Biscuits

This recipe is still a firm favourite in my and many of my friends’ households. It’s so simple and takes no time at all. The Boy even helps me make them they are so easy.

7 Ingredient Lentil Bolognaise

One of my friends says her daughter is addicted to this recipe! I actually make it for Mr MMM and I now as it’s so tasty and a nice change from beef bolognaise.

8 Ingredient Lentil and Sweet Potato Cheese Pie

I have recently re-discovered this recipe and made it twice in the last fortnight. It’s totally delicious and such a great and filling idea for a meal for children or even for adults with some salad.

9 ingredient Beef and Barley Stew

A staple in my house this stew is delicious and although it takes a fair while to make its really easy as you just chuck everything in one pan and leave it to cook.

10 Ingredient Sausage Hotpot

This is another favourite of Mr MMM and the kids now love it too. I use all kinds of sausages in it and it always turns out really well.


And finally here are some really great and fun links to some more minimal ingredient recipes – (NB: they don’t follow my MMM ethos of no sugar and salt but I’m sure you can find some fab ideas.)

Buzzfeed 2 ingredient recipes

Taste of Home 5 ingredient recipes 

LA Times 8 ingredient recipes 




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