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Fish Pie-ish 2 Ways

I love fish pie. It’s such a comforting dish and when made from scratch tastes completely delicious. The Boy (unsurprisingly) is not a huge fish fan. His fish repertoire extends to tuna sandwiches and, like every other 7 year old in the world, processed fish fingers. So when I decided to make fish pie for him and his fish loving sister I didn’t have the patience or time to make it properly from scratch, just in case he refused it and I had wasted hours slaving over a hot stove! So I came up with a speedy version that can be eaten with a spoon or, with the addition of egg, made into fishcakes. Mr MyMiniMeals (believing himself to be a Michelin food critic) describes this as  “Deconstructed Fish Pies” but I just like to call it “Fish Pie-ish – Two Ways”.

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No Eggs? No Problem! (Part 1)

A lot of my friends have children who have egg allergies and I am often asked for egg free recipes. A while ago I posted my 3 favourite eggless recipes and they were really popular. Here I am combining some of my most popular egg free recipes for you in one easy to read page so for any of you who can’t include eggs in your cooking I hope this is helpful. Continue reading


Apple Three Ways

I always have lots of apples in the house as we all love them (yes even The Boy !) so I wanted to find some different ways of using them than just plain raw apple. I found these 3 great recipes online and as usual I have made my own alterations to them as they all contained sugar and I really prefer, wherever I can, to avoid giving the kids uneccessary sugar. The first two can be used for desserts or breakfast and all three make great snacks. I hope you enjoy as much as we do!  Continue reading


A peek inside the MMM freezer

A few months ago I showed you all what I have in my freezer for my kids – What’s in the MMM freezer?. This was in response to people asking me ALOT what I cook for my kids and how I have time to make all the food I do. I am still getting asked this regularly and my response is still the same – I batch cook ALOT!! I always make big portions of everything then freeze it in portions. This ensures I generally have something easily available to feed my kids and means I don’t have to spend every day chained to the kitchen.

I thought I would let you inside my freezer again today as I have been cooking a lot the last few days as I want to be prepared for the summer school holidays. I hope you find it interesting to see what I have and I would love to see what you have in yours! Continue reading


Spinach and Cheese Scones

I love making scones as they are a) incredibly easy to make b) pretty fool proof and c) you can really add in anything (sweet or savoury) to them and they generally turn out ok. Little Lady is currently going through a phase where she weirdly likes food that is green so I am trying to add in some element of “greenness” to her food. These Spinach and Cheese Scones are so easy to make and tick all the criteria that my 2.5y old Princess requires for an easy snack or meal. They are a bit green, easy to hold and taste yummy and for my criteria they are full of iron and calcium, take hardly any effort to make and freeze beautifully. They are also egg free so a great option for those little ones who are allergic. Perfect for a snack or a meal and easy food on the go!  Continue reading


1 sauce – 4 ways

As a busy mum of two I always like to find easy ways of preparing quick meals for them. I have to admit they do consume their fair share of fish fingers and oven chips but I do really try, when I have time, to give them homemade stuff. I love it when I find one recipe that I can use in lots of ways and this is exactly what I do with my Tomato and Vegetable Sauce (I’m going to call it TVS in this post for ease). I make batches and batches of this sauce and freeze it in portions or weaning trays. It’s then just a matter of popping some into the microwave or in a fridge to defrost then using it as I wish. It also means I can get some vegetables into The Boy who, as you know by now, is a vegetable hater. Here are some ideas of how I use it in my cooking but I’m sure there are lots more so let me know what you come up with!

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