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Have your cake and eat it!

A really common question I get asked is “are there any sugar free cakes out there that actually taste nice?”.  My answer is a resounding “Yes!!!!!”. Over the last year (and a bit!) I have posted many recipes for cakes – all are sugar free and all are totally delicious. I thought it would be useful if I listed them all in one post so anyone looking for a tasty and easy sugar free cake can easily find one. Continue reading


MyMiniMeals article – “5 Meals in 15 minutes”

I was very honoured to have recently been asked to write an article for the Nurturing Mums website.

Nurturing Mums provide postnatal courses that are helpful, non-judgemental and sociable and I am a huge fan of their work. Here is the link to the article I wrote which shows you 5 mega quick meals for you to make in only 15 minutes. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

My Mini Meals – 5 meals in 15 minutes


Kitchen Cheats in your Freezer

Since I started this site people assume I am a domestic goddess and spend all my time in the kitchen. The truth is very different and I have never hidden the fact I am a very lazy cook and will avail myself of anything that helps me make food quicker and easier. I do give my kids processed food and I truly believe as long as my kids are eating a balanced diet of fresh fruit, veg, meat etc they can also have ready made stuff too. It makes me more relaxed and I get to spend more time with them if I am not chained to a cooker. Today I thought I would share with you my favourite frozen kitchen “cheats”. These makes my life in the kitchen easier and quicker and in my eyes that’s a huge bonus! Continue reading


Apples, Apples, Apples

I have mentioned this before and I will say it again – I am terrible at online grocery shopping. In the past I have ordered 6 bags of carrots instead of 6 carrots, the world’s biggest bottle of sweet chilli sauce and many many more things in error. This week’s online order gone wrong was apples. I wanted to make a lovely apple and frangipani tart (it is full of sugar so I won’t be posting it on here!) and instead of ordering 1 pack of apples I ordered 6 packs. So now I have lots of apples and need to think of things to do with them. I looked through some of my older posts on here and found some great apple related ones so thought I would re-post them here for you with a couple of extra ones for good measure. Continue reading


Lovely Lunchbox Ideas

I am a member of lots of recipe and kids food boards on Facebook and get a lot of inspiration for new ideas from them. One of my favourite boards is “Lunchbox Ideas for Kids”. It is primarily an Australian group and the many thousands of members share their children’s lunchboxes as in Australia most children take a packed lunch to school. The Boy has school lunches but I pack both kids a “dinner box” once a week as they eat dinner in the car on the way to a class for him and he also has a packed lunch for holiday camp. I honestly can’t tell you how excited they are every week to see what I have packed in their (fabulous) lunch boxes. Here are a a few “dinner boxes” that I have made for them and I hope it gives some of you ideas of what to pack for your kids lunch boxes for school or holiday camps.  Continue reading


Sugar Free Chocolate Madness

Happy Easter!! This is a weekend that I do let my kids have (lots) of chocolate as everyone in our family buys them Easter Eggs so with all this chocolate in our house I can’t say no to them. It did get me thinking though that I wanted to find some more no sugar chocolate treats for them as a few months ago I posted No bake “Chocolate” naughty(ish) treats  which was incredibly popular with mum kids and I got really positive feedback from my lovely followers. So here are some more ideas of yummy chocolate treats that are actually refined sugar free and (kind of) healthy. Just don’t tell the kids!!  Continue reading