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Two quick protein packed purees

I love looking back at my recipes and thinking of new things I can make. I get lots of people asking me for early weaning recipes and I admit, as my kids are way beyond that stage (and I did a lot of BLW style things for Little Lady), I am a bit out of practice wth purees. However I had lots of fun the other day making up two yummy puree recipes that are perfect for babies who are just starting or are established on protein. They are a complete meal in themselves as they have protein, carbs and veg so no need to serve with anything else. Continue reading


Top Tips For Successful Weaning

I frequently get asked for advice and information about weaning. Here is where I hold my hands up and say that I am not a weaning expert – I am just a mummy who weaned her children by the book then found my passion in creating and finding simple and healthy recipes. I try to answer all questions asked but as I don’t profess to know much about starting weaning I asked one of my friends Vikki Rose (from all All About Babies) who also happens to be a true weaning expert for her tips. So over to Vikki for her expert advice!

Continue reading


Meals for My Minis

I frequently get people asking me what my kids eat on a daily basis so in the past I have posted a few “7 Days of Lunches” posts which have been really popular. (7 Days of Lunches Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4).

Here are a few photos and recipes of what my kids have been eating so far in January. I hope it gives you some ideas about what to feed yours. As usual everything I have given them is really quick and easy to make and (usually!) gets wolfed down. Continue reading


Off The Shelf Favourites

It’s no secret that I don’t always cook things from scratch for my kids. I frequently use off-the-shelf, shop made stuff as frankly I don’t have the time or energy some days to make them fully homemade meals. I was doing my online grocery shop the other day and realised I tend to always buy the same things for my kids. I thought it would be useful to show you what my favourite Off The Shelf foods are. Where possible I do try to get sugar or salt free items or as low sugar/salt as possible (but sometimes honestly you just can’t get such options) so I hope these are helpful. Continue reading


Baby’s desserts

I used to find it hard to think what to give my kids for their dessert and usually served fruit or yoghurt. But once I started this site I got more adventurous and the following are some yummy and sugar free desserts that not only are so simple to make but also are baby friendly versions of grown up (sugar laden) desserts. They are great for younger babies too as they are all nice and smooth to eat.  Continue reading


3 ingredient fruitcake

I’m really into the festive spirit at the moment and just love all the food that this time of year brings – be it donuts for Hannukah or Christmas cake. I was at my friend Sarah’s house the other day and she gave me and Little Lady a slice of her amazing fruit cake. I was amazed to hear it doesn’t  have any added refined sugar in it so I immediately asked her if I could post it on here. Yes it does have lots of dried fruit so that in itself contains sugar but I’m all very much for things in moderation and as long as I don’t have to add any extra refined sugar then it’s a recipe for me and MMM. This also has the benefit of being egg free which is an added benefit as my friends with children who are allergic to eggs are always looking for cake rectors. You can also make it dairy free by switching the milk for any kind of dairy free alternative. In fact Sarah made hers with almond milk and it gave the cake a really lovely nutty taste. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Continue reading


Lazy lunches

The last couple of weeks in the MMM household have been a bit manic as our house is being redecorated and I have also been away so I haven’t been able to be in the kitchen as much as I would like. Consequently I have had to make very quick lunches for Little Lady while dodging builders and packing for my holiday. As you all know I live in the real world and believe everything is fine in moderation so have been using some processed food for her lunches but I have balanced it out with plenty of fruit and veg. I also have had lots of fun using my fab new plates which actually I have noticed have made a huge difference to both my kids’ enthusaism when eating. So here are some hopeful helpful ideas for quick lunches when you are short on time or just haven’t got the energy to be a domestic god/goddess! Continue reading