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Sneaky ways to hide vegetables

My last post on Cauliflower Cheese Biscuits prompted quite a lot of people to message me saying how popular they were with picky eaters and what a great idea it was to hide veg in a biscuit. I realised that I actually hide vegetables in most of The Boy’s meals as he really refuses to eat most kinds. I thought you may want to see some of my favourite sneaky ways to hide vegetables in everyday meals – so here they are! Continue reading


7 Days Of Lunches Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted “7 Days of Lunches” which was an account of what Little Lady ate for lunch over a 7 day period . I received a huge amount of positive feedback and people seemed to be really interested in what she ate on a daily basis. As it was so popular I decided to record her week’s lunches again and ingeniously (!!!) named it “7 Days of Lunches Part 2”.  I hope you find it as useful and enjoyable as Part 1! Continue reading


Easy Butternut Risotto 3 Ways

I love it when I make something and then think of other ways to use the same ingredients. I was tidying out my freezer the other day (as you do!) and found a bag of frozen butternut squash that had been lurking in the depths of my freezer. Little Lady loves butternut squash but I haven’t used it for a while so I decided to attempt to make her some risotto. You know me well enough by now to know that I have no patience in the kitchen so I wasn’t going to stand there stirring my rice for hours to get the perfect risotto so I came up with my own version that, as usual, is far easier to make than the proper one. I then decided to experiment with the cooked risotto and see what, if any, finger foods I could make from it. So here is the result of my experimenting – Easy Butternut Risotto 3 ways!

Continue reading


Beef, Beef, Beef

Anyone who is into nutrition knows that iron is really important for babies and children and therefore I’m always trying to get iron rich foods into my kids anyway I can. Red meat is high in iron so I try to give my kids beef 2-3 times a week. The Boy actually loves it so here are my 3 favourite beef recipes that as usual are so easy, nutritious and yummy! Continue reading


7 days of lunches

Since starting this blog people are constantly asking me what I feed my kids. They presume that I never give them anything processed and that every meal is full of couscous, quinoa and vegetables! I tell them they are very much mistaken and my kids, like most others, happily chomp on fish fingers, oven chips, ready made pizzas and peanut butter sandwiches. However I do try to limit the amount of processed food they eat and ensure that the majority of their food is home cooked.  Continue reading