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Sugar Free (Birthday) Cake

It’s Little Lady’s 3rd birthday very soon (where did the time go??) so I am thinking about what kind of cake to make her. She wants a “pink, purple, unicorn, Peppa Pig, Sofia The First, chocolate and Smarties one” which I have no idea how to make but I will do my best! As you all know I believe anything is fine in moderation so for both of my kids’ first birthdays (and subsequent ones) they have had sugar and chocolate loaded birthday cakes. They really only ate a tiny bit so I wasn’t concerned and for their special day they were allowed as much sugar and chocolate as they wanted. However a lot of people tell me they want their baby’s first birthday cake to be as healthy as possible so here is a really delicious sugar free cake recipe that’s perfect for a first (or second, third, fourth, fifth and so on) birthday.  Continue reading


3 ingredient fruitcake

I’m really into the festive spirit at the moment and just love all the food that this time of year brings – be it donuts for Hannukah or Christmas cake. I was at my friend Sarah’s house the other day and she gave me and Little Lady a slice of her amazing fruit cake. I was amazed to hear it doesn’t  have any added refined sugar in it so I immediately asked her if I could post it on here. Yes it does have lots of dried fruit so that in itself contains sugar but I’m all very much for things in moderation and as long as I don’t have to add any extra refined sugar then it’s a recipe for me and MMM. This also has the benefit of being egg free which is an added benefit as my friends with children who are allergic to eggs are always looking for cake rectors. You can also make it dairy free by switching the milk for any kind of dairy free alternative. In fact Sarah made hers with almond milk and it gave the cake a really lovely nutty taste. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Continue reading