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My top 10 with 10

One of my main aims for MyMiniMeals is to use as minimal set of ingredients as possible. Here are 10 of my favourite recipes starting with one with 1 ingredient then one with 2 ingredients and so on…….culminating in one with 10 ingredients. I hope you enjoy them and it goes to show that you really don’t need a long list of ingredients to make really delicious and nutritious meals.

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Super Simple Soups

I love this time of year! I love the weather getting colder and I especially love making delicious, filling and healthy soups. We often have soup as a meal and both my kids like dipping chunks of bread or scones into their bowls. Soup  is a great and filling way of getting lots of goodness into your kids without them actually realising what is in it. Even The Boy likes soup and his favourite is his Mummy’s Chicken Soup who’s recipe I am afraid I won’t be sharing with any of you lovely people as it’s a well guarded secret! But I hope you enjoy these delicious soup recipes.

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Two quick protein packed purees

I love looking back at my recipes and thinking of new things I can make. I get lots of people asking me for early weaning recipes and I admit, as my kids are way beyond that stage (and I did a lot of BLW style things for Little Lady), I am a bit out of practice wth purees. However I had lots of fun the other day making up two yummy puree recipes that are perfect for babies who are just starting or are established on protein. They are a complete meal in themselves as they have protein, carbs and veg so no need to serve with anything else. Continue reading


Meatloaf muffins 

It’s Monday and for MyMiniMeals Mates Monday my lovely friend Anna has given me her delicious and totally easy Meatloaf Muffin recipe. This is a bit like my Any Mince Burger recipe but they are a bit firmer and stick together really well from being made in a muffin case so are perfect for little fingers to pick up. Anna’s original recipe uses beef mince but you can try it with any mince you like or even mix minces. I hope you enjoy!

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Just like Mummy’s mug cake

I have recently been introduced to the incredible concept of a mug cake. This is exactly what it says on the tin – a cake in a mug. They take only a few minutes to make and cook in a microwave and hey presto you have a really yummy and usually very naughty cake. The other day I was eating a particularly naughty one full of chocolate and loaded with sugar and The Boy wanted to try it. Unsurprisingly as it was full of chocolate he loved it. Continue reading


Easy Peasy Pasties

I love Pasties as they are an  easy “food on the go” idea and you really can put anything you want into them. The best ones originate from Cornwall but apparently you aren’t meant to call them “Cornish” pasties unless you have followed the authentic recipe which is quite detailed. I have often thought about making them but they always seemed so hard. However I saw a simple recipe online recently and, as usual, gave it my MMM twist and these ones don’t actually take much skill or time to make. This recipe uses beef mince but you can use any mince you like or even omit the meat and just make a veggie option by upping the quantities of vegetables or replacing the meat with some Quorn or meat substitute mince.  Continue reading