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Sugar Free (Birthday) Cake

It’s Little Lady’s 3rd birthday very soon (where did the time go??) so I am thinking about what kind of cake to make her. She wants a “pink, purple, unicorn, Peppa Pig, Sofia The First, chocolate and Smarties one” which I have no idea how to make but I will do my best! As you all know I believe anything is fine in moderation so for both of my kids’ first birthdays (and subsequent ones) they have had sugar and chocolate loaded birthday cakes. They really only ate a tiny bit so I wasn’t concerned and for their special day they were allowed as much sugar and chocolate as they wanted. However a lot of people tell me they want their baby’s first birthday cake to be as healthy as possible so here is a really delicious sugar free cake recipe that’s perfect for a first (or second, third, fourth, fifth and so on) birthday.  Continue reading


Healthy Homemade Ice Lollies

I have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks but while I was away I have to admit both kids ate their fair share of ice cream and lollies. Now we are back it’s a return to limited sugar and healthier meals so I thought I would revisit a post I wrote last summer when we were having hot weather in the UK. I hope you enjoy these sugar free homemade ice lollies! Continue reading


Biscuits for The Boy 

The Boy lost his first tooth today. It’s been wobbly since May and he’s been so upset that it wasn’t falling out when all his friends were losing teeth left, right and centre. Today it finally fell out and he was so excited that I wanted to make him an after school treat. Clearly something loaded with sugar isn’t the best reward for losing a tooth but obviously something made of vegetables just wouldn’t cut it. So, using my new fabulous Star Wars cookie cutters, I made my little lad some yummy sugar (and egg) free biscuits (along with some animal ones for Little Lady).

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No bake “Chocolate” naughty(ish) treats

I am proud that none of my recipes contain any added refined sugar (by this I mean the white or brown stuff you get in bags and spoon into things) but sometimes you just have to let your children have something naughty as a treat so I do try to find as healthy treats as I can for them. These recipes are great as none of them require baking and they are quite healthy as there is no added refined sugar (although some of their individual ingredients do contain sugar). They also all contain cocoa powder so are really popular as children think they are eating a proper chocolate treat. I hope you enjoy them!

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Sugar Free Biscuits – Part 2

Here is the long awaited (!!!) sequel to my post “Sugar Free Biscuits – Part 1” which, after many sleepless nights, I cleverly titled Sugar Free Biscuits – Part 2.

I love making biscuits for my children and they love having one as a pre bedtime treat or as a snack during the day. Obviously none of us really want our children loaded up on sugar just before bed so these are perfect as they are sugar free and easy to make. Continue reading