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Easy Cheesey (Egg-Free) Twists

I haven’t been on here for a few weeks as I have been busy sorting out The Boy’s upcoming birthday party and dealing with a tantruming Little Lady. But yesterday my cupboards were looking quite bare as I am doing my big shop this weekend but I felt like making something for the kids for their after school snack. I was about to make my yummy Easy Peasy Cheesey Scones yesterday then realised I had run out of eggs so I googled egg free scone recipes and found this lovely one for cheese straws.

As usual I made a couple of minor adjustments and they took me 25 mins from start to finish and were a huge hit with my kids!  I added in some Marmite (vegemite) instead of the mustard and they were delicious and great for egg-allergic kids. Continue reading


Sweetcorn Cake

I have an admission. I am terrible at online food shopping. In the past I have ordered 5 bags of courgettes when I meant to order 5 courgettes. I have bought 4 kilos of carrots when I wanted 4 carrots. I am still working through the 25 onions I bought a few weeks ago! This week’s mistake was ordering a few tins of creamed style corn instead of my usual sweetcorn kernels. When I make these mistakes my immediate thought is “what can I make using 4,000 peppers / courgettes/ tins of creamed corn (delete as appropriate)”. And this is how my sweetcorn cake was born! As a made up dish it turned out really well and Little Lady had some for lunch with some vegetables and it’s also a great snack too. I hope you enjoy!  Continue reading


Apple Three Ways

I always have lots of apples in the house as we all love them (yes even The Boy !) so I wanted to find some different ways of using them than just plain raw apple. I found these 3 great recipes online and as usual I have made my own alterations to them as they all contained sugar and I really prefer, wherever I can, to avoid giving the kids uneccessary sugar. The first two can be used for desserts or breakfast and all three make great snacks. I hope you enjoy as much as we do!  Continue reading


Spinach and Cheese Scones

I love making scones as they are a) incredibly easy to make b) pretty fool proof and c) you can really add in anything (sweet or savoury) to them and they generally turn out ok. Little Lady is currently going through a phase where she weirdly likes food that is green so I am trying to add in some element of “greenness” to her food. These Spinach and Cheese Scones are so easy to make and tick all the criteria that my 2.5y old Princess requires for an easy snack or meal. They are a bit green, easy to hold and taste yummy and for my criteria they are full of iron and calcium, take hardly any effort to make and freeze beautifully. They are also egg free so a great option for those little ones who are allergic. Perfect for a snack or a meal and easy food on the go!  Continue reading


3 ingredient fruitcake

I’m really into the festive spirit at the moment and just love all the food that this time of year brings – be it donuts for Hannukah or Christmas cake. I was at my friend Sarah’s house the other day and she gave me and Little Lady a slice of her amazing fruit cake. I was amazed to hear it doesn’t  have any added refined sugar in it so I immediately asked her if I could post it on here. Yes it does have lots of dried fruit so that in itself contains sugar but I’m all very much for things in moderation and as long as I don’t have to add any extra refined sugar then it’s a recipe for me and MMM. This also has the benefit of being egg free which is an added benefit as my friends with children who are allergic to eggs are always looking for cake rectors. You can also make it dairy free by switching the milk for any kind of dairy free alternative. In fact Sarah made hers with almond milk and it gave the cake a really lovely nutty taste. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Continue reading


Biscuits for The Boy 

The Boy lost his first tooth today. It’s been wobbly since May and he’s been so upset that it wasn’t falling out when all his friends were losing teeth left, right and centre. Today it finally fell out and he was so excited that I wanted to make him an after school treat. Clearly something loaded with sugar isn’t the best reward for losing a tooth but obviously something made of vegetables just wouldn’t cut it. So, using my new fabulous Star Wars cookie cutters, I made my little lad some yummy sugar (and egg) free biscuits (along with some animal ones for Little Lady).

Continue reading


Just like Mummy’s mug cake

I have recently been introduced to the incredible concept of a mug cake. This is exactly what it says on the tin – a cake in a mug. They take only a few minutes to make and cook in a microwave and hey presto you have a really yummy and usually very naughty cake. The other day I was eating a particularly naughty one full of chocolate and loaded with sugar and The Boy wanted to try it. Unsurprisingly as it was full of chocolate he loved it. Continue reading


No sugar banana bread 

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am showing you a lovely recipe for sugar free banana bread from my friend Katy. I frequently make my Banana and Raisin Muffins but am always on the lookout for new ideas using bananas. This recipe is delicious and sugar free which is always a bonus! It’s so simple to make and perfect for breakfast, dessert or a snack and I have to say it tastes delicious with a cup of tea (for me not the kids!). Continue reading