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Calcium rich ideas

I get a lot of people asking me for different ways to get calcium into their children, especially when they have stopped drinking milk or purely don’t like milk. Both my kids are milk monsters and would happily drink milk all day long if they could but I do still try to give them calcium rich meals as often as I can. As you know The Boy is rather fussy when it comes to his food so although I know dark green leafy vegetables are high in calcium this just doesn’t work for him as he would never touch anything like spinach. He occasionally eats broccoli so I do try to incorporate that wherever I can. Here are some ideas of calcium rich meals that are so easy and quick to make and taste yummy. The kids will never even know they are good for them!! Continue reading


Fish Pie-ish 2 Ways

I love fish pie. It’s such a comforting dish and when made from scratch tastes completely delicious. The Boy (unsurprisingly) is not a huge fish fan. His fish repertoire extends to tuna sandwiches and, like every other 7 year old in the world, processed fish fingers. So when I decided to make fish pie for him and his fish loving sister I didn’t have the patience or time to make it properly from scratch, just in case he refused it and I had wasted hours slaving over a hot stove! So I came up with a speedy version that can be eaten with a spoon or, with the addition of egg, made into fishcakes. Mr MyMiniMeals (believing himself to be a Michelin food critic) describes this as  “Deconstructed Fish Pies” but I just like to call it “Fish Pie-ish – Two Ways”.

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Two quick protein packed purees

I love looking back at my recipes and thinking of new things I can make. I get lots of people asking me for early weaning recipes and I admit, as my kids are way beyond that stage (and I did a lot of BLW style things for Little Lady), I am a bit out of practice wth purees. However I had lots of fun the other day making up two yummy puree recipes that are perfect for babies who are just starting or are established on protein. They are a complete meal in themselves as they have protein, carbs and veg so no need to serve with anything else. Continue reading


My favourite fish dishes

My last post on Fish and Potato Soup was really popular and I received lots of comments from people about how they struggle to get their children to eat fish. I try to give my kids fish a couple times a week (admittedly I do count processed fish fingers as part of their fish intake but I do make my own fish fingers too) as it’s such a nutritious thing for them to eat. Here are my favourite fish dishes and even my picky boy will eat most of them.

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7 Days of Lunches – Part 3

Back by popular demand here is the 3rd instalment of me showing you what Little Lady eats for lunch in a typical week. I have a slight admission this week though. She has been quite poorly recently so her appetite has been (and still is) pretty rubbish but this is what I have offered her this week. It is a bit simpler than what I normally give her (as seen in “7 Days of Lunches” and “7 Days of Lunches Part 2” ) but as she hasn’t eaten much I have been trying to offer her things that I know she likes. You will also see that I have given her some frozen potato shapes (shock horror yes I do give my children processed food!) and a good old sandwich but honestly sometimes you just have to do the easy thing! I hope you find this as useful and enjoyable as Parts 1 and 2.

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Simple Salmon Bites

I buy a lot of salmon and Little Lady eats it quite often. I usually make her Salmon with Broccoli and Cheese tomato sauce or Salmon and Broccoli Fishcakes but today I fancied making something that didn’t use flaked or mashed salmon. So I came up with these ever so easy, ever so tasty and ever so simple salmon bites. They only took me about 20 minutes from start to finish and were gobbled up by my little pink dustbin in no time. Continue reading